Environment guide for mangrove crabs

CrabMAP is an output of a completed DOST-PCAARRD project entitled "Integrating Genomics with GIS and Image Analysis for Improved Rearing of Mud Crabs" led by Dr. Ma. Carmen Lagman of the De La Salle University. It is based on decades of temperature data collected by WorldClim and serves as a guide on the type of environments that mangrove crabs grow in. For high resolution copies of the maps, please contact practicalgenomics.dlsu@gmail.com.

How does CrabMap work?

With the use of GIS, it illustrates sites in coastal areas that exhibit high temperature fluctuations and high temperature spikes, high temperature fluctuations with low temperatures spikes, low temperature fluctuations and low temperature spikes, and low temperature fluctuations and low temperature spikes.


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